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Fuller House - Season 4

Like the original series, the show is set in the same house in San Francisco, California. Recently widowed D.J. Tanner-Fuller is a veterinarian and the mother of three young boys. After the...

Wendell and Vinnie - Season 1

After his nephew's parents suddenly die six months before the setting of the show, Vinnie, a 30-something bachelor, finds his life turned upside down when he must become the guardian of his nephew, a...




"Punch" is a film about the law of the last 6 months of the Prosecutor Park Jung Hwan, who take bribes. Park Jung Hwan, who changes his lifestyle before death and Shin Ha-kyung, an almost perfect...

Stitch! The Movie

A true friendship movie, the story centers on a little creature named 626, which comes from a genetic experiment and is captured with his evil creator. After escaping from the prison, 626 travels to...




This is a science fiction movie of a small robot Wall-E coming and staying alone on the Earth to collect waste. Wall-E has a dream that one day it can meet some interesting things, and finally, Eve...

Right on Track

Based on a true story about two sisters who came out on top of a man's sport, the film chronicles the story of the two determined sisters who become champions in the male-dominated world of drag...

Red Dog: True Blue

The movie explores the early events leading up to Red Dog's discovery on the road to Dampier, and his ultimate rise from ordinary dog to Australian legend. A young boy is sent to a cattle station in...

So This Is Christmas

The film is directed by Richard Foster, telling the story of 18-year-old girl trying to fix her life by learning the power of giving and the impact of love among people.

Alice in Wonderland (1951)

Chasing after the White Rabbit, who runs into view singing "I'm Late! I'm Late!," Alice falls down the rabbit hole into the topsy-turvy alternate world of Wonderland. Will she get home? Not if the...

Fuller House - Season 3

The third season will mark the anniversary with a family reunion: Uncle Jesse (John Stamos), Danny (Bob Saget), and Uncle Joey (Dave Coulier) make an appearance in the same clothes they wore during...

Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2

The adventure of talking toddlers continues as a new generation of baby geniuses get involved in a villainous scheme plotted by powerful media mogul Bill Biscane. This time, they enlist the help of a...

Lucky Christmas

Holly Ceroni, a single mom trying to get back on her feet, is crushed when she learns her winning lottery ticket is in the glove compartment of her recently stolen car. Can she find it, and her love?

The Last Reef


The Last Reef

The film helps the audience understand increasingly about the great of world in ocean. The audience can have wonderful experiences through the ocean in Palau, Vancouver Island, French Polynesia,...

If I Had Wings

If I Had Wings is an inspiring story of blind young runner dealing with bullying. A policeman father gets a repeat juvenile offender to be a cross country running partner for his blind high school...

Charmed - Season 4

The fourth season starts with the loss of Prue and Piper and Phoebe have to struggle to overcome the sorrow. Then they discover the existenct of half-sister Paige Matthews. Paige joins the two to...

World of Dance - Season 3

The season premiere features elite dance acts from all ages and dance genres enter the arena to showcase their artistry, precision and athleticism to move forward in the competition.

Friends - Season 3

There are some good and bad news among the 6 best friends. Rachel has passed her new job at Bloomingdale. The trust between her and Ross was less due to Ross serious mistake while being drunk. What...

Fantasia 2000


Fantasia 2000

Like its pioneering predecessor, "Fantasia/2000" embraces all the latest technological tools and innovations to tell its stories and create breathtaking imagery. Adding to the fun and entertainment,...

Love Begins


Love Begins

Love Begins is released on 17 September 2011. And its director is David S. Cass Sr. Clark Davis (Wes Brown) adventurous dreams of seeing the world are put into jeopardy after he and a friend start a...

Harry and the Hendersons

During his hunting trip in the woods, George Henderson accidentally discovers a manlike Sasquatch and decides to bring it back home. The Hendersons' family soon enjoy the presence of this friendly...

ALF - Season 2

Due to causing so much trouble , ALF is committed to stay a week at home without destroying anything or he has to stay into garage forever. Be bored at Tanner house, he dreams to come to Gilligan's...

Pokemon 10: The Rise of Darkrai

Two powerful Pokémon Dialga, who rules over time and Palkia, who controls space, cross paths and battle, distorting the dimensions of time and space and causing havoc to the idyllic Alamos Town....

Milo Murphy’s Law - Season 1

Milo Murphy is a 13-year-old boy, whose ancestor is Edward A. Murphy Jr famous for his adage "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong". The Mulphy's law has affected the men in the Murphy family so...

Wild Hearts Cant Be Broken

Based on a true story, Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken tells a romantic story of Sonora Webster, a beautiful teenage tries to find a better life during the Depression and becomes a risky job as a stunt...
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