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2004 Movie Online

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Max & Paddy's Road to Nowhere - Season 1

Bouncers Max and Paddy escape the perils of Bolton's clubland and take to the open road in their prized motorhome. This brilliantly observed comedy journey follows the exploits of these two modern outlaws as they create havoc across the country.

Toolbox Murders

Steve and Nell are a young couple get many difficulties in Los Angeles. They decide hire a small apartment in building managed by Byron McLieb. After many murders of young woman in her building, she determines to track down the killer, but she must face horrible things to attain her goal.

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights

In Havana, Katy's family has a new completely life. She loves a waiter who teach you about love and dance. Their relationship gets many difficult because of her parents, revolution at that time.

Pokemon 07: Destiny Deoxys

A mysterious meteorite bearing two mysterious eggs crashes onto Earth. The purple egg regenerates into a Deoxys, who looks for the green one and unintentionally involves in a battle with Rayquaza who believes that they are enemies of Earth and descends from the ozone layer to protect the Earth against them. The battle threats to destroy a nearby high-tech city where Ash, Pikachu and friends are currently visiting, and they have to intervene to avoid regrettable consequences.

Cruel Intentions 3

Two guys at a college prep school make wagers on seducing naive young girls at their school, and then meet their match when they agree to see which one can seduce the most popular and devious girl. But she also has her own plan to everything.

The Ladykillers

In this comedy crime thriller, Tom Hanks stars as Goldthwait Higginson Dorr III, a charlatan professor who lives another life as the leader of a gang of FBI’s most wanted thieves. As they are preparing for the heist of the century, Mrs. Munson - the elderly eccentric landlady, stumbles onto their plot and foils them at every turn.

Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

An anonymous masked villain threatens the city of Coolsville with a monster machine that re-creates classic monsters such as The Pterodactyl Ghost, The Black Knight and The 10,000 Volt Ghost. Mystery Inc. including Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo must have to stop the villian and save the city.




Highwaymen is a 2004 Canadian-American thriller film which tells about a man known only as Rennie, who is motivated by revenge to track down and kill the man who ran over his wife, a serial killer (Colm Feore) immobilized by the man himself.

Gilmore Girls - Season 5

In the fifth season this Emmy-winning drama, Lorelai and Rory embrace major changes in their lives. Lorelai finds herself in a romance with Luke, her long time friend, at the same time, Rory's father reappears, adding to the drama. Rory's romantic life is also complicated; at the forefront is her relationship with Dean - who's now married.

Jersey Girl


Jersey Girl

After his career is sidelined from an unexpected tragedy and a personal blowup, Ollie must take care of his precocious daughter.

The Girl Next Door

Matthew Kidman is a model student both at home and at school. He wished for takinp scholarship at a famous school and founded a charity to bring a Cambodian prodigy to the USA to study. One day he suddenly discovered the pretty girl nexr door who just moved to. He accidentally peeped and ... Every trouble to Mattew from here .. and he suddenly realized he was in love with this girl ... Movies on climax when he discovered the girl who he loved is a famous porn actor ...  

Mysterious Skin

The movie tells the story of two pre-adolescent boys, one youth (Brady Corbet) who becomes obsessed with UFOs and another (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who becomes a gay hustler. When they cross path, together they discover a horrible, liberating truth.

Grande Ecole


Grande Ecole

This drama features Paul, privileged upper-class student at a French private school who involves in affairs with his new roomate and a lower-class Arab school employee, despite his present relationship. This is a well-produced movie containing a profound meaning: human desire for another can exist regardless of gender, class or sexual orientation.

In My Fathers Den

A disillusioned war journalist's return home is blighted when he becomes implicated in the mysterious disappearance of a teenage girl he has befriended.

Lightning Bug


Lightning Bug

Jenny Graves, a single mom, decides to restart her deadened life by moving out of Detroit and taking her two sons Green and Jay to small rural town in Alabama. Green is fan of horror films, more specifically the makeup effects used to bring them to life.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder - Season 12

Mesogog, a dinosauric villain, wishes to eradicate all human life and return Earth to the age of dinosaurs. Tommy then recruits an athlete, a computer nerd and a musician to become the Dino Thunder Power Rangers to combat Mesogog and his monster armies.

Jewel in the Palace - Dae Jang Geum

The drama is tells the tale of Jang-Geum, a woman with skill and ambition during the rigid, male dominate social structure of Korea’s Chosun Dynasty who faces many obstacles on the road to become the King's first female personal physician.

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

An amazing comedy: A group of misfits decide to take part in a Las Vegas đogeball tournament to turn their dream into the truth. They have try their best to save their cherished local gym. Let's follow them in this interesting movie

Entourage - Season 1

Vince Chase, whose career is rising, is a young actor. Entourage is a comedy which focusses on not only the life of Vince but also his three close friends: Eric, Drama, Ari and Turtle.

[16+]Eating Out

This comedy features Caleb, a hunky political-science major with a fondness for aggressive girls, who pretends to be gay to mesmerize Gwen, an aggressive girl who falls for gay-acting boys. However, Gwen decides that Caleb would be the perfect catch for her own gay roommate, Marc, making the situation much more complicated.

Grounded For Life - Season 5

In this season, Lily and Brad have made up and are friends. Eddie is confronted on the bar stage by one of the exes he dumped, Faye, and decides to make amends. Jimmy spies on Taya, and since Brad is there, Lily joins in.

The Hillside Strangler

The Hillside Strangler ( Also Known As: El estrangulador de la colina) is a Crime Thriller film directed by Chuck Parello and written by Stephen Johnston, Chuck Parello . It released on 12 November 2004 (UK). The film stars C. Thomas Howell, Nicholas Turturro, Allison Lange . In the end of the 70's, the dysfunctional Kenneth Bianchi lives with his mother and is obsessed with joining the police force.

Shall We Dance

John Clark is a meek workaholic who feels trapped in a dull, mind-numbing existence. But one night, his whole life changes when he notices a beautiful instructor, and signs up for ballroom dancing lessons.

Shallow Ground

The horror follows Sheriff Jack Shepherd as he investigates a mysterious blood-covered boy who shows up at his station one day. With such determination mixed with guilt over failing to save a local little from being murdered one year ago, Sheriff Jack embarks on an adventure to unravel the dark secret.

The King Of Queens - Season 7

In the next season of ‘’ The King of Queens’’, in order to persuade Carrie to let him go to Las Vegas with his friends, Doug takes her to a spa. Doug feels lonely as Carrie enjoys her job after a recent promotion. Doug gets the driver injured by a gang after sending him to the wrong route, etc

Laguna Beach - Season 01

MTV follows eight teens living in Laguna Beach nearing the end of high school and beginning the next chapter of their lives. We see friendships and relationships blossom and fall apart, with plenty of drama along the way, as these teens grow up together.

Oceans Twelve


Oceans Twelve

Daniel Ocean recruits one more team member so he can pull off three major European heists in this sequel to Ocean's 11.

The Passion Of The Christ

"The passion of the Christ" recites 12 last hours in the life of Jesus, starting with his betrayal by Judas. Jesus is brought before Pontius Pilate to be punished, but no fault of him is found, so Pilate asks the crowd to choose to free Jesus or the violent criminal Barabbas. As the crowd choose Barabbas, Jesus is hung in the cross, but still prays forgiveness for those who did this to him and redeems a criminal crucified next to him.

The Alamo


The Alamo

Based on a true event, this drama action movie is set in the spring of 1836, when three brave men led 200 Texans - people who believe in the future of Texas - held a fort named "Alamo" for thirteen days under siege by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, ruler of Mexico and commander of its forces.

Shameless (UK) - Season 1

The show is the story of a young group of siblings pretty much abandoned by their parents, surviving by their wits, and humor, on a rough Manchester council estate. The "main" storyline during the first series was the romance between Fiona, the oldest sibling and Steve, a young middle class lad.
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