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The Seminarian

A closeted gay seminarian's struggle in a troubled relationship leads him to question everything he had known about God and love.

Wrong Side of Town

Bobby Kalinowski (Rob Van Dam), a retired Navy SEAL, has to save his kidnapped daughter with help from a former teammate (Dave Batista). But first he’ll have to repair the falling-out they had years ago.

Little Fockers

After 10 years of marriage, Greg and Pam are the proud parents of two lovely twins. But they are having problem with money so the devoted nurse Greg decides to take a second job working for a drug company. However that decision does not sound good to Jack, whose previous suspicions regarding his hapless son-in-law soon returns in full force after learning of this development.

The Bad Girls Club - Season 5

In season 5, a group of new girls, including Erica, Lea, Ashley, Danielle, Catya, Morgan, Brandi, Christina, Kayleigh, and Kristen, are featured. Being put together into a same house, the girls with highly aggressive attitude must learn how co moderate and control their behavior to coexist with each others.

Let Me In


Let Me In

Taken place in Los Alamos, New Mexico, the movie centers on a poor boy named Owen, whose parents suddenly die leave him a lonely and bullied life. He makes friend with a kid named Abby, a new neighbor, whose father is a serial killer. But it is not the last secret, Abby is actually a vampire, who sucks human blood in order to survive

The Yellow Sea

The film follows a cab driver in Yanji City whose wife goes to Korea to earn money, but he hasn't heard from her for 6 months. In order to pay off his mounting debt as well as search for his missing wife, he then embarks on an assassination mission to South Korea.

The Simpsons - Season 22

The new season about the Simpsons opens with Lisa, who attends a performing arts camp. Soon, she learns from her supervisors and friends how to show the artist inside her. However, she has trouble in getting to her normal life and recapturing her ‘’inner hipster’’.

Journey to Promethea

This fantasy movie is the story of a far away land, where a ruthless and tyrannical king rules over the citizens with an iron fist. But there is a prophecy in ancient folklore that tells of a single man that is destined to free the citizens of his nation

The Legend of Bruce Lee

This drama tells the whole amazing story of the martial-arts film star's slow rise to fame to become an international superstar. From his early start in the movie industry, appearing in a string of films in his childhood and early teens, to founding his own martial arts school, developing his own technique and continuing to be a rising star in blockbuster movies.

Life Unexpected - Season 1

The series follows Lux Cassidy, a teenager who was given up at birth and has spent her life in foster care who finds her biological parents Nate Bazile and Cate Cassidy. A judge decides to grant temporary custody of Lux to Baze and Cate instead of emancipating her.

Dinocroc vs. Supergator

The story set in Drake Industries Research Lab in Kauai, Hawaii, two creatures - Dinocroc and Supergator - are being studied. But things are wrong when Supergator breaks free from the lab and eats two scientists before escaping into the water.

Airline Disaster

The President is shocked when she receives the news that the Starquest airliner, the plane that her brother is flying, is being skyjacked. Attempting to regain her morale, the President tries her best to save the hijacked plane as well as the citizens in the city below.

16 Wishes


16 Wishes

Abby Jensen has spent the last 8 years of her life to prepare a list of 16 wishes. She hopes they will come true on her 16th birthday. When they actually do, things don't go as she expected: each wish takes a way at least one thing that matters to her. Now she only have 1 wish left to make it right.

Pretty Little Liars - Season 2

The second season of this series is made more dramatically than the first. The four girls suddenly become the most suspicious people related to missing Ian who killed Alison, their parents even don’t believe them and sent them to see the therapist. The Liars have to manage between the mysterious disappearance of Ian and the hunt for “A”.

Time Traveller

Pharmaceutical researcher Kazuko Yoshiyama has privately discovered a formula for time travel when she is left unconscious after a car accident. Her daughter Akari, on the belief that finding her mother's first love - Kazuo Fukamachi will enable her mother to wake up again, uses Kazuko's formula to leap back in time from 2010 to the 1970s in hopes of seeking younger Kazuo. Unfortunately, Akari finds herself traveled to a wrong year: 1974 instead of 1972, so she meets and befriends Ryota Mizorogi, who lets her stay in his flat and help her to find Kazuo. The future becomes uncertain as the duo realize they fall for each other.

Better Off Ted - Season 2

Continuing season 1, Ted must face many obstacles in his life.Ted is not comfortable when Linda puts him into a dilemma and desperately track down another way to make Veridian to be pleasant. Besides, Lem becomes bored when he uncovers a secret about his Mom.

From Paris With Love

A movie follows a young man called James Reese who is an officer of the US Ambassador. He has an admired life in Paris and a beautiful girlfriend. However, his destiny is preventing a terrorist attack in the city with a special American spy.

Cancel Christmas

Santa Claus discovers children have become too greedy and must prove otherwise before his favorite holiday is canceled. The board of directors gives him a month to teach two incorrigible boys the meaning of giving.

Ong Bak 3


Ong Bak 3

In Thailand, Tien is held captive being beaten with wooden staves. On the orders of Lord Rajasena, his elbows and knees are snapped. As Lord Rajasena sleeps, Tien's guerilla fighters attempt to free Tien, but Bhuti Sangkha appears and kills them. Lord Rajasena offers to hire Bhuti, but he refuses and gives the offer to remove the curse which has been placed on Rajasena before leaving. Rajasena orders his men to kill Tien, but before this can be carried out, a man arrives with a pardon from the king, indicating that he will take Tien, much to Rajasena's ire.

Merlin - Season 3

Merlin is the first to discover Morgana's changed loyalties but he must tread carefully as Uther's affection for his "ward" has increased with her one-year absence. Arthur is likewise blind to Morgana's treachery, forcing Merlin and Gaius to be even more wary of detection as they thwart her schemes.

Adventure Time - Season 2

For Finn and Jake, adventures are simply never enough and there they are, in season 2 of "Adventure Time"! This time, our explorers start their search for the legendary Armor of Zeldaron, reconcile a teenage vampire with her dad, and run off a freaky looking horse who’s hanging around outside and acting all freaky and other stuff.

I Love You Too

The bond of Jim and Blake go through fire and water when Jim attempts to win Alice 's heart. Fortunately, Jim is befriended by a talented photographer Charlie who helps him to deal with his problem about: love, friendship.

Lake Placid 3


Lake Placid 3

Game warden Nathan Bickerman (Colin Ferguson) moves his family to Black Lake, where his son discovers a clutch of baby crocodiles. They quickly grow into very big adults and start attacking the game warden's family and nearby town.

Yellow Brick Road

Yellow Brick Road (Yellowbrickroad ) is a Horror Thriller film directed by Jesse Holland, Andy Mitton and written by Jesse Holland, Andy Mitton. It released on 23 January 2010 (USA). The film stars Cassidy Freeman, Anessa Ramsey, Lee Wilkof . 1940: the entire population of Friar, New Hampshire walked up a winding mountain trail, leaving everything behind. 2008: the first official expedition into the wilderness attempts to solve the mystery of the lost citizens of Friar.

House Swap


House Swap

House Swap film content: House Swap is a film basing on a true story. The film revolves around a young writer and his girlfriend - a composer exchanging their home for a sprawling mansion near Glastonbury, England, with the hope of having creative inspirations.

Fringe - Season 2

In a world that science has developed beyond human wildest imagination, FBI Special Agent Olivia Dunham must seek help from brilliant but damaged scientist Dr. Walter Bishop and his estranged son with a dark past, Peter. Season two of this drama series sees the unlikely trio continue their investigation into the origin of hybrid gruesome monsters, intangible thieves and portals leading to worlds unknown.

The Runaways


The Runaways

This film revoles two friends, Joan Jett and Cherie Currie, as they rise from rebellious Southern California teens to rock stars of the legendary group that paved the way for future generations of all-girl bands. They fall under the Svengali-like influence of rock impresario Kim Fowley, who turns the group into an outrageous success and a family of misfits.

Beyond the Black Rainbow

Film is directed by Panos Cosmatos. Set in the strange and oppressive emotional landscape of the year 1983, Beyond The Black Rainbow is a Reagan-era fever dream inspired by hazy childhood memories of midnight movies and Saturday morning cartoons.

The Event - Season 1

When a man goes looking for his missing girlfriend, he stumbles upon a government conspiracy that is bigger than the president himself. And what he's uncovered could change the fate of mankind.
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